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1.7 Functions


  • F.IF.A.1: Understand that a function from one set (called the domain) to another set (called the range) assigns to each element of the domain exactly one element of the range. If f is a function and x is an element of its domain, then f(x) denotes the output of f corresponding to the input x. The graph of f is the graph of the equation y = f(x).    
  • F.IF.A.2: Use function notation, evaluate functions for inputs in their domains, and interpret statements that use function notation in terms of a context.

Essential Question:

  • How can the relationship between quantities best be represented?

Learning Target:

  • I can write a function in function notation when presented with an equation. (Application)
  • I can identify the x value as the input and the f(x) value as the output of the function. (Analyze)
  • I can evaluate a function in function notation given the domain. (Evaluation)
  • I can write the range of a function in set notation. (Application)
  • I can interpret the output of a function within the context of the problem. (Evaluation)

  • https://docs.google.com/document/d/1jt1Ng-Xsv942w7YJSLf7mRG_nZG5MGKGPCIRIWn1PSk/edit


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